Create Everyday Workshops
Spend the 1st & 3rd Wednesday each month,
6:30 - 9:00
celebrating CREATIVITY
in the comfort of the home studio of
Jenn Mason
$25 per session

Fall 2009 - Handmade Giving
Winter 2010- Living Creatively
NEW! Kids 4 Session Workshop: Gelatin Show SIGN UP NOW


When do I pay?
All payments must be received with in 48 hours of temporarily reserving your class or 24 hours before the class, which ever comes first.
How many students can attend?
Do to studio restrictions, class size is limited to 10 students.
What do I need to bring?
Everything you need to make each project is provided, however there are occasionally recommended items that are needed to help you specially customize your piece. There are also occasional workshops that have optional supplies that you can bring if you want to work at your own pace and not have to share the studio supplies. These items will be listed in the class description.
Do you offer private classes?
You betcha! For the equivalent class offered in the current semester I need a minimum of 6 students (or the minimum fee equivalent to six students). I can work out longer and shorter private classes as well! My pleasure!
Do you offer children's classes?
Occasionally I will offer children's classes. Look for our Early Release Day workshops this fall and Spring.
Do you offer longer workshops?
I sure do! At this time these would be offered on a private class basis. Let's talk.
What if I can't make a class I paid for?
What a bummer! If you cancel more than 48 hours before the class you will receive a credit towards another class. If you cancel within 24 hours and the class is not full there are no refunds. If you cancel within 24 hours and the class is full and your spot can be filled from the wait list, you will get a refund or credit toward your next class. In rare case that I have to cancel a class due to family emergency or illness, you will be given the choice of a refund or class credit. Please note, because we live in a pedestrian community, it is VERY unlikely that class will be cancelled due to weather.
Is there a wait list for full classes?
Yes, any time a class reaches 10 people I will start a wait list. If there are enough people on the wait list I will consider offering a second session of the class. If anyone cancels from the full class I will contact the people on the wait list in the order they appear on the list. Please note that last minute cancellations do not allow me to wait very long for a response. If I have not heard back from you I will have to go on to the next person on the list.
Are there extra supplies available at class time for purchase?
Occasionally, yes, there maybe extra supplies for you to purchase. There will usually always be copies of my books available as well.