Create Everyday Workshops
Spend the 1st & 3rd Wednesday each month,
6:30 - 9:00
celebrating CREATIVITY
in the comfort of the home studio of
Jenn Mason
$25 per session

Fall 2009 - Handmade Giving
Winter 2010- Living Creatively
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Times a tickin'

I have photos to share with you all for our first workshop! This is an example of the necklace we'll be making next Wednesday in our first workshop! We're using vintage chandelier crystals and found text and images. You'll have all sorts of paper and books at your disposal the night of the class but you are welcome to bring your own! If you want to bring your own image or type something up, like an "initial" it needs to be a photocopy or a laser print. The process we're using would make an inkjet print run.
I will have some addition "kits" available the night of the class if you wish to make more than one necklace or to give a kit as a gift.
We will be using special Adirondack inks to tint our crystals so you'll be able to make a shade that sings to you!We do have limited seats still available to all the classes but I'll be advertising this to the larger community this week it's best to sign up soon to get your first choice or to sign up for the full s